Randburg,South Africa

Schizophrnia and Bipolar Disorder Alliance

30 + Years Experience

What we provide

We provide a support group for parents, carers of and/or persons with schizophrenia, bipolar mood disorder and related mental health disorders.

Long Term Care and Support

Long term care and support to adults living with mental health disorders.

Professional Staff

Medication Supervision. We coordinate that prescriptions are filled.

24 Hour Security

Security services offers us an immediate response in the case of an emergency

Additional Services

Safe and secure living arrangements for adults living with a mental health disorder and require some level of care and daily supervision.

Psycho-social Therapy

Workshops and facility group sessions. 

Nutritional Support

We provide 3 meals per day. 

Independent supervised living

Remote controlled access to the property. 

Cleaning Services

Common rooms are cleaned by a staff member on a daily basis.